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At Good People Acupuncture & Wellness, we believe that a good qi circulation and balance in the body. The so-called “well-being”, dispel any diseases or conditions that may arise. To be in the state of well-being, it is critical to cleanse the body first to remove any toxins that may interfere with qi circulation and cause imbalances in the body.

Detox: Our Therapies


First, let's talk about weight loss. Why don’t most weight loss programs work? Three main typical weight loss program problems:

  1.  Many programs are oversimplified and nonfunctional for most people

  2. The issue is more complicated than just calories in and calories out

  3. “Just eat a salad” is insufficient and insulting advice

No one pays attention to toxins, and thus cannot be effective for a safe long-term weight normalization.

Not just for weight loss, but for a balanced state of well-being, we must address the base issue of TOXINS.

Toxins are anything in our environments, that are at the very least non-helpful and/or potentially
detrimental to our health.

Detox: Classes
Health Shake


  • Affects corticoid steroids (stress hormones)

  • Affects our metabolism (net effect is a depressed metabolism)

  • Immediately affects fat storage

  • Causes more abdominal fat storage

  • Causes a cascade which creates an inability to lose excess fat stores

It’s not your fault for the past failed weight loss attempt(s)!

At Good People Acupuncture & Wellness, we focus on:

  • Whole foods

  • Healthier lifestyle awareness and changes

  • 100% healthy nutrition and detoxification so that your body can release the excess toxic weight

Detox: Classes
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